Alltime Ski Jumping

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Published byMobile Scope AG   Developed byKiloo ApS   Released2004   PlatformJ2ME   GenreAction   Simulation   Sports   PerspectiveBehind view   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

In this ski jumping simulation, you can test your skills on tracks in seven countries: Poland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Finland and Norway. You can either practise, take on the computer, or play against three other human players (hot seat) to get the best score. You always start on top of a ramp. While going down, you have to tap left or right to compensate for the wind. When you cross the red line, you keep a button pressed to gain speed and release it once you have left the ramp. In the air, you have to keep a steady V-formation and tap another button to land safely. Five judges rate your jump based on the length and style. Each track consists of two jumps and if you get first in a singleplayer track, you qualify for the next and unlock it for other modes. There are nine multiplayer opponents and a high score screen per track.