Alpine Surfer

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Published byNamco Limited   Developed byNamco Limited   Released1996   PlatformArcade   GenreSports   Perspective1st-person   Behind view   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

Alpine Surfer is a downhill racing game based on the concept of Alpine Racer, but replacing skiing with snowboarding. It is played on a large cabinet where the player stands on a snowboard foot stand that is moved with horizontal motions to steer and taking corners while holding onto two large handlebars for stability. There is also an edging element when the pressure applied to the inside and outside edges of the foot stand is measured, as an additional means to control speed. There are two game modes: free riding and gate racing, split up into two courses each with a different difficulty level. Gate racing is a time attack mode where the end of the slope needs to be reached before time runs out. Time is extended by passing blue and red flags of gates on the correct side to extend time. Free riding does not have gates, but the slope is split up in different sections that need to be reached to extend time before it runs out.