B.A.S.E. jumping featuring Felix Baumgartner

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Alt. titles
"B.A.S.E. Jumping. Точка отрыва" -- Russian Title,
"B.A.S.E. jumping featuring Valery Rozov" -- CIS title,
"BASE jumping featuring Felix Baumgartner" -- Alternate spelling
Published byAtari Deutschland GmbH   Developed byDigital Dimension Development   ReleasedMar 31, 2007   PlatformWindows   GenreSimulation   Sports   Perspective1st-person   3rd-person (Other)   GameplayManagerial / Business Simulation   Tricks / Stunts   

B.A.S.E. jumping featuring Felix Baumgarntner is a sports game which simulates base jumping which is a variant of parachuting. Instead of planes these athletes jump from bridges, skyscrapers or cliffs. The game focuses on a realistic simulation of this discipline. Because of the nature of this sport the player is amateur and needs to earn his money with a "real" job. In the career mode this means the player uses the fast motion mode until he has enough money to participate in a championship. There are four locations in Norway, Russia, USA and Mexico with several different jumps each. Before the jump the player chooses his equipment and positions himself in a third person perspective. During the jump the game alternates into first person where the handling is similar to flight simulations. The player needs to consider several factors, e.g. wind or size and opening speed of the parachute. Successful jumps give more money which can be reinvested into better gear. There are also several missions available which basically tells the player which moves he has to perform during the next jump. Other possible actions are training jumps, healing injuries or travelling to championships as visitor.