Big Mountain 2000

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Alt. titles
"Snow Speeder" -- Japanese title,
"スノースピーダー" -- Japanese spelling
Published bySouthPeak Interactive LLC   Developed byNatsume Co., Ltd.   ReleasedOct, 2000   PlatformNintendo 64   ESRB RatingEveryone   GenreSports   PerspectiveBehind view   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   MiscLicensed   

Big Mountain 2000 is a sports game where you can choose to race with either a snowboard or a pair of skis. There are six characters (plus three unlockable) to choose from, each with different skills and three modes in total —two of them are single-player and the other one is a multiplayer one. Championship: in Championship you can select one of the available players and choose the style you want —ski or snowboard. You can also change each player’s equipment which includes ski/snowboard and clothes. The game also lets you choose in which stage you want to compete and the race type you want to play. Race Type includes three options —Free Ride, Slalom and Giant Slalom. In Free Ride you compete against 3 CPU-controlled players, you must finish first and before time, which is increased at every checkpoint, runs out. In Slalom and Giant Slalom you must pass through the flags that are scattered throughout the course and again like in Free Ride finish first. The differences between Slalom and Giant Slalom are the latter's course being wider and presenting less flags. By successfully completing any of the above your character's skills — like cornering, acceleration, etc. — are increased. 2P Battle: in 2P Battle two human players can compete in any of the Free Ride/Slalom/Giant Slalom races. It is possible to either choose a player from the game or load a previously saved player data from a Controller Pak. There are also no restrictions on the style each player will choose. For example one may choose to play with a skier and the other with a snowboarder. Time Attack: there is no other competition in this mode than between you and time.