Biker Dave

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Published byCOMPUTE! Publications, Inc.   Developed byCOMPUTE! Publications, Inc.   ReleasedNov, 1986   PlatformAmiga   Atari 8-bit   Commodore 64   DOS   GenreAction   Sports   PerspectiveSide view   GameplayTricks / Stunts   VisualFixed / Flip-screen   VehicularMotorcycle   

Daredevil Biker Dave is out to wow the crowd - he's brought his two-wheeled speed demon for a streak of daring car jumps. After each successful leap, the ramps are moved farther apart, and another car is added. There's also a hoop jump halfway through the course, although the Atari version offers a "rookie" mode without the hoop. The ultimate goal is to jump nine cars at a time, and Biker Dave has five bikes primed and ready. But there's one little thing Biker Dave overlooked... none of them have any brakes. The only control is acceleration: to pull off his fearless acrobatics, Dave will need precise control of the throttle and an eye on the speed meter. Go too slow or too fast at the wrong time, and he'll receive a painful crash course in gravity and friction.