Classic Collection: Vol 2

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Published byMicroValue, Ltd   Developed byCirrus Software   Released1987   PlatformAmstrad PCW   GenreAction   Sports   GameplayArcade   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

Like the initial volume, Classic Collection: Vol 2 consists of three games. Two are based on arcade game while the third is a sports game. Caverns is a side scrolling shoot 'em up in the style of Scramble. The player flies over mountainous terrain and through various caves, shooting down enemies while avoiding getting hit. Unlike the arcade game there are no bombs and no ground installations more than launching rockets. Climb-It is a variant of Donkey Kong that consists of three different stages. In the first one the player has to climb up a scaffolding while avoiding rolling barrels and fireballs while in the second the ape throws barrels directly at the player. In the final stage the player has to remove all rivets from the scaffolding while avoiding the fireballs. Ski-ing is a slalom game viewed from a top down perspective that scrolls from the top to the bottom. The player has to control the skier through each gate and avoid crashing into flags and trees. Controls are limited to steering left and right.