Cool Boarders

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Alt. titles
"Coolboarders" -- Alternate spelling
Published byUEP Systems Inc.   Developed byUEP Systems Inc.   ReleasedAug 30, 1996   PlatformPlayStation   PlayStation 3   PSP   PS Vita   GenreSports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

The first title in the long-running PlayStation snowboarding series. Imagine riding down the slopes, avoiding the trees and trying to hit the jumps. When you catch enough air, you grab your board, twist, and land a perfect trick. Choose from several different riders and 10 boards, and then hit one of the five courses. On each track you can earn three different trophies: one trophy is awarded for getting down the hill in the quickest time; catch big air to pull off big tricks to earn the highest trick point trophy; or win the final trophy by getting the highest total score, which is based on both time and trick points. If the competition seems a little rough, race against the ghost from your last run and find a smoother line down the mountain.