Extreme Sports with the Berenstain Bears

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ReleasedDecember 2000   PlatformGame Boy Color   

Get extreme with Mama, Papa, Brother, and Sister Bear in their first Game Boy Color game, EXTREME SPORTS WITH THE BERENSTAIN BEARS! In this single-player game you'll control the members of the family as they participate in an assortment of extreme sports events. Use Brother or Sister Bear in kayaking, dirt boarding, biking, and luge, or take the whole family in the river rafting and toboggan sequences. All of the events take place from an overhead perspective, which provides the best view of the playing field. In each event you can perform a wild range of tricks and stunts to gain speed and shave seconds off the clock. Can you beat the high scores and become the best bear you can be? Well-animated characters set on colorful, detailed backgrounds ensure a bright presentation.