Feel the Magic XY/XX

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Alt. titles
"きみのためなら死ねる" -- Japanese spelling,
"Project Rub" -- European/Australian title,
"Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru" -- Japanese title
Published bySEGA Corporation   Developed bySonic Team   ReleasedNov 21, 2004   PlatformNintendo DS   ESRB RatingTeen   GenreAction   Racing / Driving   Sports   Perspective1st-person   3rd-person (Other)   Side view   Top-down   GameplayPlatform   Tricks / Stunts   SportBowling   Sailing / Boating   ArtAnime / Manga   

A game in which you "The Hero" must succeed in attracting the girl of your dreams by performing insane stunts. The stunts are carried out in some 30 mini games involving the touch screen and the microphone. The games are fast and have ten levels of difficulty. Touch screen games include such objectives as pushing goldfish out of a mans stomach, riding a unicycle over a zigzag of boards between two sky scrappers, and so on. Mic games include blowing to create various wind strength to sail a boat, and yelling to get the attention of your beloved. Longer "Boss" games also appear. Once a game is completed in the story mode it will be available in a section called "Memories". This mode will allow you to play the games in all their difficulty with one life to earn stars. Stars then used to unlock optional costumes for the dream girl. The game has both English and Japanese language support.