Freerunning Extreme

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ReleasedSep 10, 2007   PlatformWindows   GenreAction   PerspectiveBehind view   GameplayPlatform   Tricks / Stunts   

Freerunning Extreme is a parkour game where the player has to perform acrobatic feats in an urban environment. The game was realised through a collaboration of students of the Utrecht School of Arts and Delft University. The game is in 3D and uses a third person perspective. The player can jump, climb and hang from ledges and perform a wall jump. The player is awarded points for each successful trick and also adrenalin. Adrenalin can be used to run faster and jump further. The player is represented by a pink box. There's is only one level but it can be played in three different play modes. The tutorial mode in which the controls are explained, the free roaming mode where you can explore the level at your own whim and the bonus challenge where you can collect the letters "freerunning" for bonus points.