Freestyle Motocross: McGrath vs Pastrana

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Published byAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.   Developed byZ-Axis, Ltd.   ReleasedOct 02, 2000   PlatformPlayStation   ESRB RatingEveryone   GenreRacing / Driving   Simulation   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   GameplayArcade   Tricks / Stunts   VehicularMotorcycle   Official SiteFreestyle Motocross: McGrath vs Pastrana   

Freestyle Motocross offers a chance to play as two Supercross greats. Both Pastrana and McGrath feature customizable bikes, allowing for edit of model, color, engine, and exhaust, all of which come in handy while playing on any of the multitude of courses. Both open and normal oriented maps are available to race, freestyle, or combine both on, allowing two players to battle in split-screen mode or a 6 person race. Customizable tricks can be achieved while attempting to win a freestyle match in either a Single Event or a Tournament Mode, unlocking tons of new levels including Las Vegas, Volcano, Inca Ruins, Loch Ness, and Desert Warzone.