Go! Go! Hypergrind

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Published byAtlus U.S.A., Inc.   Developed byPoponchi   ReleasedNov 18, 2003   PlatformGameCube   ESRB RatingTeen   GenreAction   Sports   PerspectiveBehind view   SportSkateboarding   

Among animation studios a link exists to a realm known as the "Toon World". This world is inhabited by, of course, cartoons. Filming is done in the toon world and then sent to the real world for editing and production, thus reducing the tedium and cost of animation. However the animation industry is under heavy pressure from new computer generated techniques of animating. In an effort to revitalize traditional Cel animation the real world Studio SPUMCO will be creating a cartoon based on Extreme Skating. And so auditions begin in the Toon World. The cast of characters are all Cel-Shaded and mostly anthropomorphisms. You will control one of them through eight large sets to try and be selected for the cartoon. You collect points by doing what you would do in any skateboarding game, grinding, jumping, the usual ticks. However, here there is a twist. Seeing as you are a cartoon you can gain points by being beheaded crushed and other familiar animated antics. Sometimes a level will consist of a battle or a race. The game also contains a two player versus mode.