Goat Simulator + GoatZ

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Alt. titles
"Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition" -- Xbox title
Published byDouble Eleven Limited   Developed byCoffee Stain Studios AB   Released2015   PlatformLinux   Macintosh   Windows   Xbox 360   Xbox One   GenreAction   Compilation   PerspectiveBehind view   GameplaySandbox / Open World   Tricks / Stunts   SettingContemporary   Fantasy   Official SiteGoat Simulator + GoatZ   NarrativeComedy   

This compilation contains: Goat Simulator (base game) Goat Simulator: GoatZ (DLC) For the PC version the base game and the DLC are also available separately. For the Xbox versions the base game is available separately, but two additional pieces of content are not. The first part, Goat MMO Simulator, was provided as a free update to the PC version, but was not available for the Xbox version, only in this release. The second part, Goat Simulator: GoatZ, is a commercial DLC release for the PC version and also was not available for the Xbox versions. As a whole, the Xbox version called Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition is a re-release of the original game with two new pieces of content not available outside this release.