Goat Simulator

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Published byCoffee Stain Studios AB   Developed byCoffee Stain Studios AB   ReleasedApr 01, 2014   PlatformAndroid   iPad   iPhone   Linux   Macintosh   PlayStation 3   PlayStation 4   Windows   Windows Apps   Xbox 360   Xbox One   GenreAction   PerspectiveBehind view   GameplaySandbox / Open World   Tricks / Stunts   SettingContemporary   Fantasy   Official SiteGoat Simulator   NarrativeComedy   

Goat Simulator is a parody game where you play as a goat. The gameplay is similar to sandbox games with no clear mission. The objective is to roam around the map and destroy various objects to earn points. The more "stylish" your destruction, the more bonus points you get. You can also lick objects in the game so that they get stuck to the goat's tongue and kill humans with those objects. The game's developers also left most of the bugs unfixed as long as they make the game more fun.