Grom Skate

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Published byGrom Social, Inc   Developed byLoot Drop, Inc.   ReleasedNov 13, 2015   PlatformiPad   iPhone   GenreAction   Educational   PerspectiveBehind view   GameplayPlatform   Tricks / Stunts   SportSkateboarding   SettingSci-Fi / Futuristic   EducationalMath / Logic   InterfaceDirect Control   Official SiteGrom Skate   

Grom Skate is an infinite runner where the player's character skates through three worlds collecting coins, doing tricks, and avoiding obstacles. Each world has ten levels of increasing difficulty which when fully completed unlock an endless mode for that world. Gameplay takes the form of a three-lane runner where the character can change lanes, duck, and jump. When the character performs a trick they get a score modifier for the remainder of the level, additional tricks will increase this modifier. In order to perform tricks the character must skate off of ramp objects that get generated in the world. In order for ramps to spawn the player must have some ramps in the inventory. Players can build ramps by solving geometry puzzles in the Skate Lab. The geometry problems in Grom Skate are designed to cover 4th - 8th grade Common Core standards. The game is free and does not contain in-app purchases.