Horace Goes Skiing

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Alt. titles
"Horacio Esquiador" -- Spanish title,
"Horace Goes Ski-Ing" -- Alternate spelling
Published bySinclair Research Ltd.   Developed byPsion Software Ltd.   Released1982   PlatformCommodore 64   Dragon 32/64   Timex Sinclair 2068   ZX Spectrum   GenreAction   Sports   PerspectiveTop-down   GameplayPlatform   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   Visual2D scrolling   

A more accurate title for this would be "Horace Goes Skiing, but only if he can brave a Frogger clone first", as you start the game by having to reach the ski shop to get skis, and then get back across to reach the slopes. The road is full of cars and bikes, contact with each of which costs $10 in ambulance fees out of your starting $40, and the skis themselves cost $10. The actual skiing section has a pseudo-3D view, similar to a roving camera mounted above the course. Your task is to cut between the red and blue sets of flags, without hitting any of the trees on the course. Light contact with these will allow you to carry on; heavy contact breaks your skis and sends you back to the first section of the game (which you also return to after completing each of the courses).