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Alt. titles
"iStunt: Extreme 2D Snowboard Reloaded" -- Tag-lined, in-game title
Published byProfusion Studios   Developed byProfusion Studios   ReleasedDec 05, 2009   PlatformiPhone   GenreAction   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   GameplayPlatform   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

In iStunt the player controls a snowboarder, helping him to get to the finish of the level. In-between are hills, slopes, half-pipes, gabs and other more or less dangerous obstacles the player has to navigate while scoring additional points by making stunts. More points are earned by collecting gold stars hanging around the levels. The player can force the snowboarder to increase speed by holding him down with his finger, make him jump by sliding over the screen and tilt the device to produce back and frontflips. If the snowboarder lands on his head, falls down a hole or is killed by saw blades, the game is over and it restarts at the last checkpoint. The game also plays with gravity, turning it upside down when the player drives over a yellow arrow and flipping the screen while doing so, forcing him to turn the device 180° in order to continue.