Italian Supercar

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Published byCodemasters Software Company Limited, The   Developed bySupersonic Software Ltd.   Released1990   PlatformAmstrad CPC   ZX Spectrum   GenreAction   Racing / Driving   PerspectiveTop-down   GameplayShooter   Tricks / Stunts   Visual2D scrolling   VehicularAutomobile   

Italian Supercar is a sequel to the game Super Stuntman and features similar gameplay with the player having to drive a sports car through different film scenes. The car is seen from a top down perspective which scrolls vertically and the objective is simply to reach the far end of the course. It is necessary to avoid land mines that explode under the car and enemy cars that will attack in different ways in each level. The car has however a gun mounted which can be used to shoot down the enemies. Rocks, trees and buildings can be bumped into without damage while driving through water slows the car down. Ramps can be used to jump over obstacles. In each level the player has three lives as well as a time limit.