Jet Moto 3

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Published by989 Studios   Developed byPacific Coast Power & Light   ReleasedAug 31, 1999   PlatformPlayStation   PlayStation 3   PSP   GenreAction   Racing / Driving   Perspective1st-person   Behind view   GameplayArcade   VehicularNaval / Watercraft   SettingSci-Fi / Futuristic   

The third entry in the Jet Moto series once again places you in the driving seat of a futuristic hoverbike, racing at breakneck speed in a truly extreme sport. While a Jet Moto hoverbike might look like a jet ski, it is capable of far more: it travels across land as well as water and can use a magnetic grapple to make extremely tight turns. During a race, drivers must skillfully time jumps, dodge obstacles, and contend with some feisty opponents who won't hesitate to bump you into a tree or maybe even knock you off a cliff. Jet Moto 3 offers ten different riders and 19 tracks across the wide open ocean, over mountainous terrain, and through cityscapes. As with the earlier games, two people can still race in a split-screen mode.