Johnny Crash Stuntman Does Texas

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Published byDigital Chocolate, Inc.   Developed byDigital Chocolate Helsinki   ReleasedDec 01, 2005   PlatformBREW   DoJa   J2ME   GenreAction   PerspectiveSide view   GameplayArcade   Tricks / Stunts   Visual2D scrolling   

In this sequel to the original Johnny Crash, the stunts have a Texas flavor. You play a young man, Johnny Crash, who loves performing crazy stunts. Each level starts with Johnny in a cannon. You shoot Johnny out of the cannon at the desired angle and use the select button to flap his arms and modify the arc and distance of your flight. Flapping your arms uses up power and you can gain more up power by running into lightening. When your power runs out, Johnny will plummet into a crash landing. Initially, when you "Do Texas" (the Crash Career mode), each level gives you a different target stunt, like hitting an oil well or a vulture, or landing in the bed of a pick-up truck when you crash. A red ball serves as a guide to show you where to find your target stunt in the level. Each level presents a new challenge that must be executed to move to the next level. There is also a target score for each level that gives you "top reputation" if you achieve it. In addition to Crash Career mode, there is also a High Score mode, where you determine your target stunts and your goal is to get the highest possible score. You can play this mode with up to four players. Each stunt only appears in this mode once it has been cleared in the Crash Career mode. All levels in all modes offer a replay. The game also offers the ability to join Digital Chocolate's mobile community, which allows you to report your scores to the server and view leader boards for the game.