LEGO Stunt Rally

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Published byLEGO Media International, Inc.   Developed byGraphic State Limited   ReleasedJan, 2001   PlatformGame Boy Color   ESRB RatingEveryone   GenreRacing / Driving   PerspectiveTop-down   GameplayTricks / Stunts   Visual2D scrolling   VehicularAutomobile   Track Racing   MiscLicensed   

LEGO Stunt Rally for Game Boy Color is a simplified version of the PC game of the same name. While it features the same storyline and environments, the handheld version has platform-appropriate 2D graphics, different track design, and less gameplay options. As in the PC game, the goal in the game's main championship mode is to defeat Mr. X, the top racer of Stunt Island. To be able to compete against Mr. X, four other racers must be defeated first. The championship moves through four environments with five tracks each: city, desert, jungle and ice, followed by the final challenge against Mr. X. Races must be won in order to continue. The quick race mode sets up a race on a random track, while the single race mode can be used to play races on tracks unlocked in the championship. At the start of the game, four different cars are available, which more available for unlocking by winning races in championship mode. Unlike in the PC game, the cars cannot be customized for different track conditions with wheels or, for visual splendor only, with colors. Races are seen from a top-down view. Cars corner automatically, with the player only controlling acceleration and lane changes, with the gist of the game thus being slowing down enough before corners so the car isn't thrown off-track while still being fast enough to win. Sometimes, one of the two lanes is blocked, making switching necessary. While there are ramps and jumps in the game, the more extravagant elements of the PC version like jumping through smoke pillars or driving through loops are not present. Power-up pick-ups have also been reduced: the remaining ones are oil slicks, temporary speed-ups, invincibility and perfect grip. Like the PC version, the handheld version also features a track editor, with more than a dozen constructed tracks being able to be stored via battery backup. Playing through the championship mode unlocks new pieces to be used during construction.