I've played Infinite Air with Mark McMorris

At the moment the game is only 2.99$ on steam, so i gave it a try last night. I really like SSX Tricky and SSX3, but of course i've expected something more akin to EA Skate, since that's the most likely kind of extreme sports games we could get in this gen.

The tutorial is somehow worse than in SSX games, since the "ghost" mode doesnt show the required inputs in real time. Certain sections took me 10+ retries because i simply couldn't get what i'm supposed to do (flips and grabs use same inputs but in a different order/timing)

the music selection is sorta fun. i dig it

overall i'd say - give it a try, if you can get it for cheap, but i didnt feel like playing it longer than an hour and i don't plan comming back to it.