Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remake is announced!

There's been plenty of gossip already. Proskater 1 and 2 in works was leaked a long time ago. Perhaps skate 3 mobile and another proskater game in works are true too. Watch the trailer if you haven't:

UI and color palette look reminiscent of aweful Pro Skater HD (i love how IGN people pretend THAT didn't happen at all) and even more horrible Pro Skater 5. As long as the game feels good - those won't be an issue of course.

Another thing that made me rise an eyebrow was EPIC STORE logo, instead of Steam. Well.. shit.

And since i've posted, first time in half a year, let's check the other news too.

Is street uni-x out? - no! but the project is alive, check it here:

Are Session and Skater XL out? - nope, early access just as they were two years ago. Again, updates are being released all the time, but this infinite early access state of these games really bugs me.

is Wave break out? What about SkateBIRD? - nope, nothing.

If activision shakens it up a bit - i'd be grateful. Hell, I'll even buy the game on the epic store.

Love you all guys.

Oh, and yea, insetik47 is on his TONY20 run, playing every tony hawk game he can play - check it out, the content is pure gold!