Oct 2019 update + banter

Boys I'm back

I was really unhappy with the way some of the things worked in this website - few months in i've finally re-did some of them.

On the state of new things:

  • Session is in early access, so go play it now (in case you're sick of Skater XL). Since we are talking about "realistic" exteme sports games, guess i gotta mention On a roll aka SKATE on rollerblades, that looks completely dead now, PIPE by BMX Streets, and Descenders - the one game that seems to do really good out of all of em
  • Street uni x has moved to Itch.io. You can buy it now, the demos are released every day
  • Skate bird is still not out (tba 2020), same with Wave Break

Someone posted a prototype of a game he did for fun on reddit, this and street uni x - i'm really happy these all started popping up just like that

Regarding the contents of wiki: There're a few SEGA Model 2 games that were not on the list. Amongst them:

  • Motor Raid
  • Sega Water Ski
  • Sega Waverunner
  • WaveRunner GP
  • Sega Ski Super G
  • Power Sled

I wanna add these soon-ish. Maybe we'll do some videos on em with insetik too.

A PSOne game about kayaking i hadn't logged before Wild Rapids is on the list as well.

A very optional paragraph about me

Yea, so me and my buddies did some wakeboarding this season. Here're some clips of me:

My skateboard ollies do get better, maybe i'll do a clip of thise later. Aaand all 4 episodes of bare knuckle grind are up on insetik's channel. The new series on Beach King are also pretty damn cool. That stuff needs way more views.