Mike V: Do or Die

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Published byRatRod Studio Inc.   Developed byRatRod Studio Inc.   ReleasedFeb 22, 2010   PlatformiPhone   GenreSports   PerspectiveBehind view   SportSkateboarding   MiscLicensed   

Mike V: Do or Die - Skateboarding is a skateboarding game built around Mike Vallely. Players start in the ‘Bones Brigade’ Powell & Peralta era and moves through the different stages of his career. It is possible to improve skills while gaining experience to unlock additional content. The character, board, wheels and ride can be customized with different items. The game contains over 40 tricks, licensed brands, 7 skate locations and an open city driving mode. Players control the skater by pushing the left side of the screen to gain speed. On the right side a skateboard is shown and by pressing certain areas with the right thumb, tricks can be performed.