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Published byIPlayAllday Studio   Developed byIPlayAllday Studio   ReleasedDec 13, 2005   PlatformWindows   GenreRacing / Driving   Sports   GameplayPuzzle elements   Tricks / Stunts   

Motorama is a side-scrolling motor racing game in the vein of Elasto Mania. In the game you race a motorbike and try to reach the end of each of the forty levels. The focus lies on performing stunts like jumps to get through the tracks similar to a platform game. The game is controlled with the arrow keys of the keyboard. You can brake, accelerate and shift weight to the front and the back. The latter allows you to rotate your bike while in the air, so that you can safely land on two wheels. It is also possible to boost your bike, but this drains more fuel, which comes in only limited supplies. Some levels allow refuelling at gas stations. Aside from basic racing, there's also levels that focus more on performing stunts. Scattered throughout each level are medals that can be collected, but it requires more advanced stunts to do so. There's multiple bikes that can be unlocked.