MX Unleashed

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Published byTHQ Wireless Inc.   Developed byHumagade Inc.   Released2004   PlatformJ2ME   GenreRacing / Driving   Sports   VisualIsometric   VehicularMotorcycle   

MX Unleashed is an installment in the Unleashed racing games franchise, now for the mobile platform. With different riders and bikes, you can either practice, or enter a world circuit season, with freestyle events and regular races against two computer-controlled players. There are 20 tracks in total, but all based on the same scenery. You have to finish first or perform stunts to unlock tracks in the practice mode and upgrade your bike. The engine, tires and nitro can be upgraded three times. The game is shown through an isometric perspective, with very direct controls. If you catch air over a bump, stunts can be performed by pressing various keys. It is impossible to crash, and combining stunts gives extra points.