MX vs ATV Reflex

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Published byTHQ Inc.   Developed byRainbow Studios, Inc.   ReleasedOct 21, 2009   PlatformPlayStation 3   Windows   Xbox 360   GenreRacing / Driving   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   SportATV   MX   VehicularMotorcycle   Off-roading   

MX vs ATV Reflex is the next installment of the off road racing series. The game has been built from the ground up using a new physics engine and has a new control interface, known as "reflex", hence the title. As a result handling is improved, your freestyle tricks become easier to perform and you can use both of the controller's joysticks. Also new to Reflex is terrain deformation which shapes the course throughout the race, resulting in tram lines forming, lumps of mud littering the course and some areas becoming smoother than others. As a result, your handling will vary, depending on what racing line you decide to take. Online offers up to 12 player races, private games as well as public in the form of online or local system games. The competitive multiplayer game modes are tag and snake. In tag, one player is 'it' and the other players have to hunt him down, whoever gets him becomes 'it'. In snake, each player leaves a 'snake' behind them when they move. If anyone runs over these snakes, they are eliminated from the round. Other game modes included are waypoint races and a free ride mode.