NBA Street

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ReleasedJune 2001   PlatformPS2   

Are you ready for extreme basketball? You'd better be, 'cause it's coming to your PS2 fresh from the developers of SSX! Hit the streets for some 3-on-3 hoop action, where flashy moves are your key to victory. Do tricks and combos to build up your Gamebreaker meter. Hit a Gamebreaker shot and you'll not only advance your own point total, but take away from your opponents'. One well-timed Gamebreaker can turn a match around! Create your own cool characters, and earn great new stuff for them as you unlock new courts and teams while taking on streetball and NBA legends. Beat a team in the tournament mode, and you have the option of adding its players to your roster, which will help as you advance up the ladder. You can also take on a friend in the two-player mode.