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Published byUbisoft, Inc.   Developed byLeft Field Productions   ReleasedJan 15, 2008   PlatformPlayStation 2   Wii   GenreAction   Racing / Driving   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   GameplayArcade   Tricks / Stunts   VehicularMotorcycle   

Nitrobike is a take on the classic game of Excitebike, where the player takes the helm of a motorbike equipped with a nitro rocket, racing in 20 different tracks and over 60+ different events. The player must avoid stationary obstacles and slower riders. There is career mode where the player can unlock new characters and bikes by winning these events and a six-player online capability. The controls mostly consist of using the Wii remote to steer and accelerate as well as boosting with the nitro rocket. There is also a four-player bowling game where players can hurl their rider at a set of huge bowling pins.