No Rules: Get Phat

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Published byTDK Mediactive, Inc.   Developed byFlying Tiger Development   ReleasedNov, 2001   PlatformGame Boy Advance   GenreAction   PerspectiveSide view   GameplayPlatform   SportSkateboarding   Visual2D scrolling   

No Rules: Get Phat is an action game where the player controls the little boy One Eye Jack. While he is watching television the broadcast is interrupted by aliens who announce to invade the planet. Jack sets out to stop that. The game contains five worlds that consist of 2D side-scrolling platforming environments. Jack moves to the left or right on his skateboard and is able to duck, and jump to dodge enemies and obstacles and to get on top of platforms. A slingshot is used to attack, as well as a spinning move. He can aim to the right as well as upwards. Levels encourage exploration and often have a vertical design where he can use windows to reach higher parts of a level. Jack has a limited amount of health replenished by grabbing first aid kits. There is a set amount of lives and additional ones are collected by finding icons that represent his head. There are also sections where he can grind rails, ledges and horizontal surfaces and grab vinyl records. By collecting all of them in a single level, additional moves and tricks are unlocked. Next to the platforming sections he needs to defeat aliens at the end of levels in sequences similar to the Dance Dance Revolution games where the directional buttons need to be pressed at the right moment to match the beat, appearing in a bar from the right side of the screen in a vinyl shop. This leaves the alien open to an attack and the A button is then used to scratch and attack. The game package includes a physical fingerboard.