Olympic Skier

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Published byMr Chip Software   Released1985   PlatformCommodore 16, Plus/4   GenreSports   PerspectiveTop-down   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

Olympic Skier as the name suggests allows you to control a skier down a mountainside viewed in front of the skier at a high elevated angle. The game is split into three sections which are Downhill, Target Jump and Slalom, and all three section must be completed in one go before a timer runs out. Downhill has you skiing down the mountain, moving left or right, avoiding obstacles like trees on the side of the screen, rocks, bumps and logs and when touched causes you to crash and lose valuable seconds. You can accelerate your skier and ice patches allow you to go faster, but hitting ski's slows you down. Target Jump has you waggling left and right to pick up speed before jumping of a ramp. You move your skier up or down to land as close to the centre of a target. To finish the game you now attempt Slalom where you must go through gates made up of flags.