Olympic Skier

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Published byMr Chip Software   Developed byMr Chip Software   Released1984   PlatformCommodore 64   GenreSports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

Olympic Skier is a game where you control a skier over three events trying to get the biggest score you can before receiving a rating from the computer. The three events are Slalom, Ski-Jump and Downhill and the events don't have to be completed to move to the next one. Slalom is viewed from above at an elevated angle and you ski down the screen which scrolls constantly avoiding obstacles like rocks, logs and trees, while skiing between flags to get to the finish line in the quickest time. You can control your speed but if you miss three gates or crash then the event is over. Ski-Jump is viewed from the side as you move down the ramp while pressing the fire button as fast as you can. When you reach the end you move to another side view screen and you try to land safely. You press up for distance while you press down to land. Downhill is the same as Slalom but you just have to avoid the obstacles and get to the finish in the fastest time again. You are also able to jump which is needed as obstacles block routes.