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Alt. titles
"Panekit: Infinitive Crafting Toy Case" -- Tag-lined title,
"パネキット" -- Japanese spelling
Published bySony Computer Entertainment Inc.   Developed bySusami   ReleasedAug 05, 1999   PlatformPlayStation   PlayStation 3   PSP   GenreAction   Educational   Simulation   PerspectiveBehind view   GameplayCity Building / Construction Simulation   Mini-Games   Puzzle elements   Sandbox / Open World   Tricks / Stunts   Vehicle Simulator   VisualFree-roaming camera   VehicularAutomobile   Flight / Aviation   Helicopter   Hovercraft   Mecha / Giant Robot   Motorcycle   Off-roading   Space Flight   Tank   Train   Truck   InterfaceDirect Control   Menu Structures   PacingReal-Time   

Panekit is a sandbox open world exploration, collection and (optional) construction game. Make your own models and vehicles by combining 8 kinds of panel shaped parts and then drive them around an open world. Each vehicle has different capabilities that can be used to discover new land. It's possible to build machines capable of walking, driving, flying and even transforming between forms. New parts and equipment can be found by driving around the open world and there are mini games - also discoverable in the open world - including: one on one tank shooting battle, sports car race, dragster race, rally race and even an aircraft competition. Two player mini games and demos of various vehicles are both accessible from the main menu.