PC-502 Motor Cycle

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Alt. titles
"Type FS 1203: Motorradrennen" -- Blackpoint German release,
"Stunt Racer" -- Videomaster UK release,
"PC-502 Motocyclette" -- French title,
"スタントサイクルNo.3" -- Bandai Video Mate TV Jack 5000 release Japanese spelling,
"Motocross" -- Cabel Electronic Italian release,
"Module: Tele Motocross" -- Société Occitane Electronique French release,
"Cartridge No 2: Stunt Rider" -- Teleng release
Published bySoundic   Developed byGeneral Instrument Corporation   Released1978   PlatformGIMINI   GenreAction   Racing / Driving   PerspectiveSide view   GameplayTricks / Stunts   VisualFixed / Flip-screen   VehicularMotorcycle   InterfaceDirect Control   

PC-502 Motor Cycle is a motor cycle stunt racing game similar to Stunt Cycle. There are four game modes: Stunt Cycle, Motocross, Drag Race and Enduro. The player must race in a side view and jump over obstacles to get to the finish line.