Pichu Bros. mini

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Alt. titles
" ピチューブラザーズミニ" -- Japanese spelling
Published byNintendo Co., Ltd.   Developed byDenyusha Co.,Ltd.   ReleasedAug 09, 2002   PlatformPokémon Mini   GenreAction   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   Side view   GameplayArcade   Board Game   SportSkateboarding   ArtAnime / Manga   

Pichu Bros. mini is a collection of minigames similar to the earlier Pokémon Party mini. This game is based on the Pokémon anime, focusing on the titular Pichu Bros. and the Pichu Posse (a gang that consists of the Pichu Bros. and their friends that they regularly go on adventures with). The games include a skateboarding game where one of the brothers must avoid obstacles, a game where the player shakes the system to help Teddiursa eat big piles of fruit within a time limit, a whack-a-mole game where Smoochum must kiss a Diglett, and a hot air balloon game with Magby.