Pro Skateboard Simulator

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Alt. titles
"Professional Skateboard Simulator" -- In-game title
Published byCodemasters Software Company Limited, The   Developed byCodemasters Software Company Limited, The   Released1988   PlatformAmstrad CPC   Commodore 64   ZX Spectrum   GenreAction   Sports   PerspectiveTop-down   SportSkateboarding   VisualIsometric   

Codemasters applied the fast-pitching 3D isometric graphics of Marble Madness to this recreation of skateboarding. There are 7 levels of gameplay, each featuring a skate park and then a cross-country section with a top-down view. In the skate park you have to collect all the flags, without leaving the tarmac too much, and within a strict time limit. In the cross-country event you must skate between a series of flags. This time there are hazards such as trees and buildings to avoid hitting.