Rad Skater Apocalypse

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Published byMUZBOZ Games   Developed byMUZBOZ Games   ReleasedJun 18, 2012   PlatformiPhone   GenreAction   PerspectiveSide view   GameplayArcade   SportSkateboarding   Visual2D scrolling   SettingContemporary   Oceania   

Rad Skater Apocalypse is a retro-inspired indie-punk game set on the streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. You play as a hipster scooting along the street on your skateboard just at the moment that 8-bit invaders start breaking through into our reality, to take revenge for the beating they got in the arcades of the '80s. It is an endless skating game where the character collects mix tapes and avoiding and dispatches a variety of arcade-inspired enemies such as flashing space invaders, alley cat dogs, pixelated zombies, and strange Dalek-like mini-bosses. More enemies and powers are unlocked by achieving high scores. It is a commercial game unlike the later-released free-to-play version Rad Skater Apocalypse Boom!