RTL Skispringen 2004

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Published byRTL Enterprises GmbH   Developed byVCC Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG   Released2003   PlatformPlayStation 2   Windows   GenreSports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   MiscLicensed   

RTL Skispringen 2004 is a simulation of the ski jumping sport. The handling is quite simple: the player uses the mouse to hold a steady course and clicks at the right moment to jump respectively land. In the career mode the player creates his own athlete who starts in the amateur league. For successful competitions he receives prize money and experience points which he reinvests into better coaches or equipment respectively better character statistics, e.g. landing technique. The goal is to become the best athlete in the world. In comparison to the 2003 version it features two important improvements: Firstly there is a optional technique analysis after every jump which shows potential points of improvement. Secondly there are challenges in the career mode which unlock special pieces of equipment, e.g. a perfect landing. There is also a quiz game with a few hundred questions about ski jumping. The license is restricted to the 28 original ramps.