RTL Winter Games 2007

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Published byRTL Enterprises GmbH   Developed by49Games GmbH   Released2006   PlatformPlayStation 2   Windows   GenreSports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   SportOlympiad / Mixed Sports   Snowboarding / Skiing   

RTL Winter Games 2007 is the successor of Torino 2006 which simulates 13 events divided into seven disciplines: alpine skiing, ski jumping, sled, biathlon, ice skating and - new in this version - curling. The basic handling is the same for most disciplines: steering the athlete in the right directions and pressing a button to perform an action, e.g. jumping. Two exceptions are the shooting part of the biathlon and skating: In the first the player needs to shoot targets with a wobbling cursor and the latter uses the typical rhythm game controls where arrows fly in from one side of the screen and the player needs to press the assigned button at the right time. Tactical elements are used in biathlon where the player needs to look after his fatigue and curling which is a tactical game by definition. The single-player mode consists of different tournaments which contain seven or 15 randomly chosen disciplines. Of course the player also has the option to compile his own tournaments. Additionally there are 43 small missions where the player needs to reach a certain result from a predefined initial situation. Also new are help functions which show exactly when to press which buttons or show the ideal line of movement.