RunMan: Going Coconuts

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Published byCoolmoose Productions   Developed byCoolmoose Productions   Released2004   PlatformWindows   GenreAction   Racing / Driving   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   Side view   Top-down   SportSurfing   

RunMan: Going Coconuts is the fourth main game in the RunMan series and this time it has a summer theme. RunMan is marooned on a desert island where he has to find a way to escape. It is divided into three game sequences that need to be completed in a fixed order: Stage 1: a variant of the most prominent gameplay in the series. RunMan is moving at a fixed speed on the beach and the player can choose between two types of jumps (slow and high, or quick and far) to overcome obstacles. These include crabs, debris and piles of sand. If a single obstacle is touched the game is over right away. Stage 2: shown from a top-down perspective, RunMan is swinging a hammer. He has to knock out all the red crabs while avoiding the yellow ones. Also he cannot disappear off the screen. Stage 3: RunMan is surfing the waves of an ocean filled with sharks. He has to avoid the sharks and use ramps to jump. When a shark is hit in mid-air, it is killed right away. The game includes a high score list.