SC:09 - Ski-Challenge

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Published byORF Online und Teletext GmbH & Co KG   Developed byGreentube I.E.S. AG   ReleasedDec 31, 2008   PlatformWindows   GenreSimulation   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

SC:09 - Ski-Challenge is a freeware simulation of downhill skiing. Its main motivation is the best time list on the internet. Offline, the only playing mode are training runs - the player needs to beat a certain time in the qualification to gain access to the online championship. There are no AI opponents but the player has the opportunity to load a ghost (a recording of another player's run) into the game. Despite its aim for mass appeal the game features a detailed physics simulation. This means the choice of skiing material influences the racing experience significantly. There are three pre-defined choices for novices, skilled players and experts but the player also has the opportunity to set the properties himself. The main innovations compared to its predecessor are three new courses (Kitzbühel, Garmisch and a totally revised Val d'Isére) and a rewind option in training mode.