Skateboard Crazy

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Published byGuildhall Leisure Services Ltd.   Developed byMiltronec   Released2001   PlatformWindows   GenreSports   PerspectiveTop-down   SportSkateboarding   

Skateboard Crazy is a 2D, top-down game where the player must ride a skateboard avoiding traffic,cyclists and pedestrians and collect all the coins scattered over the level. It is possible to do tricks off ramps such as 720 degree turns in order to increase points score but falling off will cost the player a life. There are also power-ups which can be collected to assist the player such as invulnerability and extra lives. By visiting a phone box located on each level, a map of that level can be viewed which shows the location of all the coins that have yet to be collected. After collecting all the small coins, a giant coin becomes available which when collected completes the level.