Ski, Simon Says

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Published byMagnavox   Developed byMagnavox   ReleasedMay, 1972   PlatformOdyssey   GenreEducational   Simulation   Sports   PerspectiveSide view   Top-down   GameplayGame Show / Trivia / Quiz   Party Game   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   VisualFixed / Flip-screen   EducationalPre-school / Toddler   InterfaceDirect Control   Point and Select   

Odyssey's game card #2 is used to play two games: Ski and Simon Says. In Ski, the player must follow a line that simulates a snow course without going out of bounds, suffering penalty points if he does. In Simon Says, one player holds a deck of cards (provided with the game) with depictions of several body parts and must then indicate them to the other players by saying something like "Simon says... touch your right hand". The other players will then rush to the specified place as quickly as possible, the winner being the one to touch the most body parts before his/her opponent.