Ski Stunt Simulator

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Developed byMotion Playground   Released2001   PlatformBrowser   Windows   GenreSimulation   Sports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   Side view   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

Ski Stunt Simulator is a realistic physics-based simulation of acrobatic ski stunts with intuitive "mouse gesture" controls. The player has to ski down a slope, perform certain stunts and land safely. If you succeed the crowd will cheer, if you crash the crowd emphatically yells out "aah". Ski Stunt Simulator was first released as a online Java game/experiment. Later it was released for Windows with more features and levels and better graphics. The first Java web based game only has 4 stages: kicker jump, crash & burn, the wall and practise. The Windows version has 23 stages divided over 4 difficulty levels: trainer, beginner, intermediate and professional. The Windows version also has additional features like collapsing cliffs and bridges, falling boulders, a bombshell and a jet pack You control the posture of the skier through the X and Y position of the mouse cursor. Move the mouse up and the skier straightens out, move down and he’ll crouch. Move left or right and he’ll lean forward or backward. The simulation interpolates every mouse position in between, making the skier move from one posture to another in fluid and natural movements.