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Published byTandy Corporation   Released1981   PlatformTRS-80 CoCo   GenreSports   Perspective1st-person   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   InterfaceDirect Control   

Skiing is an alpine skiing game played from a first person perspective. The aim of the game is simply to ski down a slope (which is randomly generated) and reach the finish banner in the shortest time without missing any gates or going off the piste. If a gate is missing or the skier veers off the piste the time will not be recorded but the player is allowed to keep skiing. The game is played with joystick and it is possible to choose between simple and complex controls. Simple controls simple involve using the stick to steer and speed up. With complex controls the button is used to simulate ski poles with speed being gained with each button press. The speed is then also affected by hills, slopes and moguls and the skier will slow down when making turns, especially sharp turns.