Snow Wave: Avalanche

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Alt. titles
"Tignes Snow Wave" -- French title,
"Tech Deck: Snowboarding" -- US re-release title,
"Snowboard Racer" -- Midas Interactive title
Published byHammer Technologies   Developed byHammer Technologies   Released1998   PlatformWindows   ESRB RatingEveryone   GenreSports   Perspective3rd-person (Other)   SportSnowboarding / Skiing   

Snow Wave: Avalanche (also known as Snowboard Racer in other countries), is a 3D arcade snowboarding game with a rather cartoonish touch regarding looks. There are 3 different competitions that all require the main ingredients of snowboarding: high downhill speed and acrobatic jump skills. The competition in which dominate speed and flexibility of the board control is represented by boarder-cross. The spectacle of jumping and acrobatics is indispensable in the competitions big jump and big jump races. The first of them takes place in a “multitrack” stadium where you have to try to get the highest possible score by showing your best acrobatics. The jumping races are a mixture between downhill race and acrobatics and you will have to demonstrate complete skills. You will have to confront with 3 kinds of opponents. The first of them is your own ghost, a surfer that imitates your own movements, so that you’ll have to overcome yourself. Moreover, you can choose a direct confrontation with other surfers. Each of them will show you his own specific characteristics. Finally, you can select the race against time... but be careful: One sudden halt can make you run out of time without reaching the next checkpoint. You can choose among 2 surfers each with 3 different clothes: two boys and two girls, all very skillful thanks to the 14 different types of acrobatics (everybody has their own characteristic movements) and to the 5 different kinds of turns in the air. They will be able to race in 3 tracks altogether. 1 track of boarder-cross with its slalom poles and its fast and wavy routes, canyons, tunnels, snow-covered meadow lands... Plus 1 jump track, with more than 15 ramps. Finally, there is the “multitrack” stadium with 3 ramps, each one of a different height.