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Published byInfogrames Europe SA   Developed byRainbow Studios, Inc.   Released2001   PlatformPlayStation 2   Xbox   GenreRacing / Driving   Sports   PerspectiveBehind view   SportSailing / Boating   

Splashdown puts the player in the role of one of nine "over the top" jetskiiers, and challenges the player to race on a plethora of courses. Most courses take place in lakes and rivers, all modified to include jumps. Certain courses are man-made and built in a stadium, where the player can race one-on-one around a square or oval-shaped track. Tracks take place in different areas of the world, from Florida to Italy. Each character has a different seadoo, that has it's own unique characteristics, such as handling, speed and acceleration. Each seadoo has been licensed by the SEA-DOO company, so each machine is accurate in its looks and ability. Each rider can perform a number of different stunts, such as the Superman, the Can-Can, and the Lazyboy. There is one special stunt that is different for each racer. Multiplayer options include a "trick attack" and the standard race.