Sports Champions 2

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Alt. titles
"スポーツチャンピオン 2" -- Japanese spelling
Published bySony Computer Entertainment America LLC   Developed bySCE Studios San Diego   Zindagi Games   ReleasedOct 30, 2012   PlatformPlayStation 3   ESRB RatingEveryone 10+   GenreSports   Perspective1st-person   3rd-person (Other)   Behind view   SportBowling   Boxing   Golf   Snowboarding / Skiing   Tennis   

Sports Champions 2 is a sequel to Sports Champions requiring the PlayStation Move peripheral, featuring six new sports events you can compete in. The game lets you create your character, take a photo and record a short voice-over that will play when your character wins or has turn. The main championship mode focuses on single-player and lets you select a single sport and face several different opponents and trials in order to win. The sports let you play with one or two Move sticks, using two may add to realism, but two-player games will require four Move sticks to play in co-op or versus mode. Most of the sports feature several different courses, day/night differences, and split-screen two-player co-op or one-on-one competitions. New events include: Archery - the goal of this event is to fire at moving targets to gather more points than your opponent, and some of the moving targets are bogies which will deduce your points rather than add to your score Bowling - you can move your character before you swing and hurl the bowling ball. You get three chances to knock out all the pins Boxing - using first-person perspective you face a CPU or player opponent. If you play using a single Move stick, most of the kicks are executed by pressing buttons instead of relying on two Move sticks to simulate your hands in a match. Golf - turn-based sport event which let you adjust the swinging side and strength. You can also practice swinging before you decide to take on the ball. Skiing - you can use your Move stick to pump and gain speed momentum, move left or right, crouch for higher speed or perform acrobatics while jumping off the snow ramps. Tennis - features one-on-one against the CPU or another player, or team play in two-player co-op mode. It also lets you select length of the match.