Sports Games for Windows

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Published byIdigicon Limited   Released2002   PlatformWindows   GenreCompilation   Sports   Perspective1st-person   GameplayBoard Game   Chess   Managerial / Business Simulation   SportBasketball   Bowling   Cricket   Fishing   Football (American)   Football (European) / Soccer   Golf   Hockey   Horse / Derby   Ping Pong / Table Tennis   Pool / Snooker   Snowboarding / Skiing   Wrestling   VehicularBike / Bicycling   Motorcycle   

Sports Games For Windows is a budget compilation of shareware games from Idigicon's Family Fun series. The compilation has its own menu system that divides the games into groups or 'banks'. There are ten banks of games plus two additional banks labelled Xtras and Information. Each bank consists of up to ten games that can be installed from the compilation's menu. The games contained in this compilation are: Bank 1: Dutch Darts, Virtual Pool (Preview version), Alley 19 (demo) Match Up Football, Bow & Arrow, 4Play, Virtual Pool for Win 95, Action Supercross, Attaxx, Backup 1.3 Bank 2: Match Up Basketball, Black Book, BBShoot Billiards, Booger, Bowling, Carvin, College Coach, College coach 2, Cell War Bank 3: Challenge Pool, Chansey Golf, Checkers Connect 11, Curling, Darts, Darts95, Day At The Races, Fishermans Delight, Dirt Bike Bank 4: Draughts, Electronic Darts, Elim2 Euchre, Everest, Football For Win95, Fishhatchery 3.0, Fishermans Delight 2, Flop, Gridiron Football Bank 5: Football Fury, Football For Windows, Gone Bowlin' 2000 Get A Life, Golf Master, Golden Goal, Golf Handicapper, GoMoku, The Green, Hits Handicap Bank 6: Matchup Hockey, Pop A Hoop, International Test Cricket (shareware version) JumpShot, Laser Trace, Lunar Ball, Mad Lap, NFL Pool, 1999 Universe, Bomb Golf Bank 7: Photon Chess, Ping, Pool 40 Pool 99, Pooly, Ping Pong, Primate Soccer Pro, Pro Football, PS Curling, Penalty Bank 8: Quibbles, Quinta, Rat Race 98 The Races, Race Track, Racing Line, Above The Rim, Ringer King, Road Fighters, RSC Test Cricket Bank 9: Scrabout For Windows, Search And Destroy, SiarCG Ski, Xo 11, Soccer Sim 2, Solitary Croquet, Hover Ski, Super Racer, Super Soccer Bank 10: Freeride V2, Uni Football League, Absolute Mayhem WaxMan PC, Win Bet, Win Bowling, Win Curling, Win Fishing, Winter 3D, Games For Two Xtras : Slam for Windows, Wrestling For Windows, Golf Calc The Horses, Psycho, Slowdown (a utility to slow down a fast PC) Information : This opens up a browser window that shows the Idigicon catalogue from the CD or takes the user to their web site.